Knut Klimmek, The Man Behind the Award-Winning Klimmek Furniture Brand

Knut Klimmek

Following an apprenticeship with furniture-maker Tom Roche in Tullamore, Knut Klimmek set off to Dorset in the UK where he spent two years at the John Makepeace School for Craftsmen in Wood. On his return to Ireland, Knut founded Klimmek Furniture, now based in Rathcoole, south county Dublin.  That was back in 1986. 

Since then, the company has grown with Knut building a strong team of skilled furniture makers around him.  Aside from being the face of Klimmek Furniture, Knut is the driving force behind the design, customer liaison, production, and quality assurance.

Over the years, the attention to detail and the passion that is evident in the furniture designed and built by Klimmek Furniture is well known. The company has produced award-winning handmade furniture that is loved in Irish homes and companies throughout the island of Ireland.    

With an ethos that leans to modernist furniture design with art-deco touches, Klimmek Furniture’s goal is to infuse art and originality into all their designs.  Each piece is crafted to connect form, function, and materials.  Working with solid and veneered timbers Klimmek Furniture also incorporate metal, stone, and glass into their designs.  The result is bespoke furniture that is unique, timeless and will last a lifetime.

For many people commissioning a piece of furniture is a leap faith. The initial stages are all about building trust and fully understanding the problem that needs to be addressed. I see my role in the design process as acting as a tour guide, taking my customers on a journey to explore their sometimes complex and contradictory needs. Sometimes we end up in dead ends and need to back track, and sometimes we are in a rowboat on a lake in a fog where the destination is not always clear. At the end of this journey however we arrive at the perfect piece that meets their requirements and exceeds expectations, having made new friends and seen some interesting places”

~ Knut Klimmek

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