Dining During the Pandemic

Friends at a Dinner Party

There are so many things we took for granted before the pandemic and now miss dearly.  One of those has got to be sitting around a table with friends over dinner. 

Regardless of whether you like your dinner parties formal or casual, there is nothing quite like the clinking of a glass over a food-laden table, and some good company to enjoy it with. 

Virtual Dinner Parties

Virtual Dinner Parties

To combat the loss of social interaction, some have taken to hosting virtual dinner parties.  It’s an innovative way of staying in touch while keeping everyone safe and healthy. 

And if you’re stuck on how to set it all up, there’s lots of help online. Just pop ‘Virtual Dining’ into Google and you’ll get lots of tips on how to set up your laptop to menu ideas and themes.

Summer Garden Parties

Now as we head into our second COVID summer, with the vaccine rollout progressing (albeit somewhat slowly), the hope is, that we can look forward to some socially distanced dining in our gardens.

Summer Garden Party

Don’t forget though you will need to factor in the unpredictable nature of the Irish summer.

It’s common enough with Irish garden parties to see guests all wrapped up in fleeces and rubbing their hands together fighting off the cold.  So, be prepared with some throws ready for your guests and a garden heater on standby. 

Something else to think about is, instead of having one big table, have multiple tables that will seat two, four or six of your guests.  

Post-Pandemic Dining

When the time is right, and the COVID threat has gone, the things we missed most during the pandemic will be enjoyed again. And sitting around a table with friends in our home, sharing stories and laughter, will be one of them.

If the thoughts of having people around is prompting you to think about replacing your dining table, we can help with that. From our workshop in Dublin, we can build a table to your specific design and offer a variety of different woods to choose from. 

To see some of our pre-commissioned dining table designs, click here, and to help you choose the wood for your table, click here.  

Solid Oak Dining Table designed and handmade by Klimmek Furniture
The above is one of our dining tables that was designed and handmade in our Dublin workshop. It is made of solid oak and seats ten. The ‘Stave’ chairs were also designed and handmade by Klimmek Furniture.

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