We are a design-driven furniture making company.

Klimmek-Furniture design and handcraft furniture for businesses and homes in Ireland. We build everything from boardroom tables to dining tables, reception desks to coffee tables, all from our workshop in Dublin. Our mission is to design and handcraft exquisite pieces of furniture that will last a lifetime.

“Commissioning a piece of furniture is in many ways a leap of faith and we place great emphasis in building relationships with our clients to earn their trust. “

~ Knut Klimmek


Your Ideas – Our experience

You have requirements, ideas and often a vision of what the final piece should look like. We work with you to make them a reality.
From an initial discussion and briefing we develop concepts and ideas that we share as sketches.
Once these have been discussed and mulled over, we begin to finalise the designs and produce design drawings and computer generated illustrations based on real dimensions, to give you a good idea of how the final object will really look.


Ethically Sourced – Highest Quality

When specifying materials for a project we ensure that these are the most appropriate for the project in hand and sourced from reputable suppliers with whom we have developed working relationships over many years.
Solid timbers and veneers are ethically sourced and we ensure that the raw materials in the sheet materials that we use are from renewable sources and socially responsible manufacturers.

When making furniture that is intended to stand the test of time we need to make sure that materials that they are made from are of a quality that are equal to the task. 


Hand Skills – Modern Technology

We are a craft based workshop which means that our cabinetmakers are traditionally trained and have the exceptional hand skills required to make finely detailed pieces of furniture.
At the same time we employ modern technologies such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Machines (CAM) to allow us to process materials to extremely fine tolerances, quickly and efficiently.

The blend of traditional and modern skills is empowering and allows us to tackle projects that would often be beyond us


Professional Service – Lasting Relationships

In all dealings with our customers we aim to provide a professional and friendly service and we aim to guide our clients through the process of commissioning and listen carefully to their comments and requirements.
We offer solutions and options during the design process and hope that the final pieces of furniture created in collaboration with our customers meet their requirements and exceed expectations.

The relationships we have built with our customers have continued over many years and we are always delighted to make new friends