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You might not want to throw off the hats and gloves just yet, but that little extra stretch in the evening brings with it a feeling that Spring is not far off.  And once spring is here, it’s a lovely time to brighten things up at home.  So below we’ve shared some easy-to-implement spring décor ideas to welcome in the longer, brighter days when the daffodils are in full bloom, and the sun, when we see it, has a hint of warmth.

The Spring Clean

For most of us, the arrival of spring means the Marigolds are on and the big spring clean begins.  And when it’s done, and your home is feeling clean and clutter free, it’s on to the décor.   Now we’re not talking major changes or home renovations here, more changing up things so that home feels cheerier and brighter.  


Home Décor from Klimmek Furniture

An easy start is those heavy throws that you pulled out to keep warm on the long winter nights.  By switching to lighter throws, it can have an immediate brightening effect on a room.


Interiors from Klimmek Furniture

The same goes for cushions.  Changing cushion covers is another great way to instantly change the mood and feel in a room.   


Home Design from Klimmek Furniture

During the winter months, heavy-lined curtains are a must, but as the days get longer, and temperatures begin to rise, you’ll want to maximise the light.  By switching out heavy curtains to curtains with a lighter fabric, you’ll see an immediate difference.   


Home Furniture from Klimmek Furniture

If the bedroom has throughout the pandemic been a place of work, now is the time to reclaim it and make it your zen place, where you can relax, unwind, and sleep. Use colours and textures to make your bedroom inviting and comfortable.


Spring Design Ideas

And don’t forget flowers.  Nothing transforms a room quite like a vase of spring flowers.   Flowers have the power to instantly make a home feel loved with the colours and scents bringing positivity and natural beauty to a room.

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