How To Clean Hard Wood Furniture

Dining Table Custom Made by Klimmek Furniture

To keep the hard wood furniture in your home looking beautiful for years to come, take a look at the tips we have outlined below to help you do that.

Daily Maintenance

Dust it!

Dust leaves an airborne deposit on your furniture and if left will build up a filmy abrasive layer which can scratch the surface.  The best way to dust is to capture the dust as opposed to spreading it and one of the best ways of doing that is using a microfibre cloth.   

Micro-fibre cloth
Sticky Grime

So, the kids have been playing and you’ve noticed some sticky marks on the furniture.  What do you do?

Get that microfibre cloth back out, only this time lightly dampen it with a little water to remove the sticky grime. Then follow that by getting out another thoroughly dry microfibre cloth and wiping down the furniture. Be extra careful that you do not leave any remnants of water behind as it will damage the wood.  

Console Table - folding - solid wood - convert to dining table
Folding Console/Dining Table Custom Designed by Klimmek Furniture

Long-Term Maintenance

To protect a dining table, use table runners, coasters, and hot pads when in use. 

On a dressing table or bedside locker, use a tray to house any liquids like make up, perfume, and eye solutions.

Try keeping temperature and humidity consistent.  Too cold the wood contracts, too warm it will expand, and that flexing in wood can cause permanent damage.  Avoid having furniture in direct line of air vents, wood stoves, or heaters.  

Sun exposure can both lighten and darken woods so to minimise those colour changes, move the furniture around or better still protect it from direct sunlight

And Finally…

Clean regularly with a warm lightly dampened cloth but go sparingly on the polishing. 

Most well-known cleaning solutions can be too abrasive for hard wood furniture. However, if you feel your furniture needs a little extra shine, use a silicone and wax free polish.  And when you polish, use gentle wiping motions along the grain of the wood.

So, that’s it, we hope you find our tips useful, however, if you do have questions, we’re here to help.

And if you have a design idea, that you’d like to discuss with us, get in touch and let’s talk.

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