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Desk Design from Klimmek Furniture

Griffon Home Office

In European cherry and zebrano


This home office fit-out included a desk and return, wall mounted shelves, a bureau and storage cabinets. The main timber is European cherry and is detailed with cross grain zebrano. It is used as on the edges to create the effect of a moulding and in the centre larger panels.

The main desk has an inset leather panel and sweeps around the corner into a bank of drawers. A change in levels accommodates a large printer and deep drawers for paper and toners.

The storage cabinets step in height to create a less monumental feeling. They conceal shelving and lateral filing frames behind ten doors. The spacing between sets of doors helps to break up this otherwise large flat surface.

The top of the bureau folds out to create a writing surface and also houses a printer. It sits on a pull out shelf which is located behind the right hand doors.