Night Horizon

A multipurpose cabinet, engraved and inlayed with cloud pattern, made in charred solid oak.


Inlay Pattern inspired by the night sky.The cabinet provides both elegant storage and a stable working surface for a home office or multi purpose room.The maple veneered interior is bright and crisp when opened and the contrast between the light and dark surfaces is striking.

Dark Grey Stained Oak veneer on a black core material with a charred solid oak base, finished with a polyurethane lacquer. The exterior is inlaid with aluminium. Interior Veneered in Maple

Veneered and made by hand using traditional cabinetmaking skills the inlay pattern was cut from a single sheet of aluminium and then in a long and intricate process carefully set into a matching groove routed into the external panels. The solid oak base was carefully charred to blacken and seal it before receiving a coat of oil to protect it.