St. Nicholas’s Church, Dundalk

Church furniture made in European cherry, bronze patinated brass and York stone for the Altar legs


We made these pieces of church furniture for St. Nicholas’ church in Dundalk in 2000
Designed by Sheehan & Barry Architects, we were responsible for delivering the furniture, Altar, Ambo and Chair, the screen behind the stone reredos as well as organising repairs and replacements of some of the stone steps.

The church furniture was made in a combination of European cherry and bronze patinated brass, while the altar includes York stone legs to match the stone steps with a reeded detail.

The screen was a series of horizontal slats in western red cedar which were spaced apart in an ever-increasing pattern, in front of a wall with a chip carved and gilded disc. Lights on the back edge of the horizontal strips in front of the gilded disc completed the project.