Designed for maximum impact

This conference table was designed to have maximum impact and visually communicate a level of complexity deprived from the interaction of a series of regular geometric solids..

Bespoke Furniture Maker in Ireland

The central “bridge” of Dodecahedrons (12 sided figures) intersects with and pierces through the central table tops, while the ends of the table are supported on a larger Dodecahedron with an intersection Icosahedron (20 sided figure) inside it.

The two central table tops and the bridge can be removed to create a side table, and the two end sections pushed together to form a smaller compact table. The irregular sized pentagonal cut outs in the table create interest and allow the features of the base to be seen through the top.

custom made corporate furniture

The process

Approximately 2 months from start to finish.

Custom Made Boardroom Table
IMR - Work in Progress
Making Shapes! Dodecahedrons shaped and being veneered
Baordroom WOW factor