Complex 3D Contours

Assembly taking place - solid carved - table base

In 2017 we were asked to design a table for the Henkle’s Innovation and Interaction Centre (IIC) for 3D Printing in Tallaght in Dublin, with a very open brief.

“It needs to have a WOW factor that challenges the visitor’s perception” was one of the comments during the initial briefing. In response the concept for the final design draws on the geographical location of the building and the idea of “turning things on their head”.

The contoured oak base of the table is an exaggerated 3D map of the foothills of the Dublin mountains which is reflected vertically with only a single contact point between them, at the apex of what represents Seefingan Mountain.

To allow the base to support the large oval 15mm thick glass tabletop, a clear cast epoxy Resin vertical column was added to maintain the visual illusion of only one contact point.

3D contoured base parts were layered into 40mm thick slices and machined on our CNC with a contour pattern – rather like those on a map – at 0.5mm intervals to create a smooth surface. These were then stacked together to make the 735mm high base.

The central column parts were created separately, the resin cast around them in mould and the two parts the assembled and inserted as a plug to join the top and base parts. Photos of the making process are below.

Table Design
Contoured Oak Table Base 1
Contoured Table Base 3
Contoured Oak Table Base Design
Contoured Table Base
Table Design - Early Stages
Contoured Oak Table Base 2

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